Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom


Go camping in your back garden

If you have a tent pitch it in your garden and camp outside for the night. If you don’t have a tent think about buying one online and try out life in the great outdoors. Trampolines also make excellent places to set up camp for the night.

Have a water fight

Fill up some balloons with water, or simply use buckets and cups. Have a water fight outside. The winner is who stayed the driest!

Take a Virtual Tour of an Amazing Landmark Ever fancied seeing the Great Wall of China? Taj Mahal? The Pyramids in Egypt? Click on the link to access free virtual tours

Click here to visit site

Make your own music video

Download your favourite music track and film yourself and your family miming to it. Maybe throw in some dance moves and make your own family music video.

Listen to an Audio Book

Click to access from audio books

The above link is for a site that is offering a free 30 day trial. You can access audio books through your phone, lap top or PC. Choose a book sit back and relax. (Don’t forget to cancel your trial before the 30 days are up if you do not wish to pay for the site)


Try Yoga

Yoga has so many benefits. Access free basic classes online through You Tube and give it a go, get your whole family involved.



Start a Diary

We are living through history. Start a diary, you could write a few lines each day, type a diary or make a video diary of what is happening. Collect newspaper articles, take photos of the empty streets around you. Record this extraordinary time.

Invent a breakfast smoothie

Research some breakfast smoothie recipes, get the ingredients and try some out. Make your own smoothie based on your favourite ingredients.
This could be your new breakfast a few times a week.

click here for recipe ideas

Get fitter

Try and follow the couch to 5k running or walking plan. Download an app to monitor how far you walk or run. Research your local area, plan a route.    

click here for the nhs couch to 5k plan

Make your own Family Recipe Book

Pull together all your favourite dishes that your family eats, included photos and tips. You could so this by hand or on your computer using Word or Power Point. Print of copies of your family recipe book to keep or send a copy to other members of your family.

Visit the National Art Gallery – take a virtual tour

Click to experience the virtual tour

Host a family Quiz Night

Using Face Time or Zoom create some quiz questions. Get your family or friends together and test their general knowledge. A fun way to spend time with your family and friends online. This web site has great ideas for questions you could use

click here to access questions for quiz

Try Star Gazing

Wait until nightfall go outside and see which star constellations you can see. There are apps you can access on your phone like Star Walk for free which help you understand what is in the sky. Or you can look on a web site to understand what the main constellations are.

Rock choir sing along

3pm everyday through Facebook you can join the rock choir sign along!

click to join the rock choir

Learn to knit

Access free courses online to help you learn is hugely relaxing skill. Buy some wool and needles online or at your supermarket and start trying out this new skill.



Get a new skill online to add to your CV

Many online providers are offering practical courses that you can complete and get a certificate for. You could try an Online Web Design Course, Photography or even learn how to design your own video game or

click here to access online courses

 Udemy offers over 100,000 online courses and all prices are currently reduced. Have a go, learn a skill keep your certificate so you can add the information to your CV !!


Create your own family tree

Why not invest some time in drawing out your family tree? You could call your relatives to find out the names and date birth of family members that you might not have ever met or that lived a long time ago. Investigate your family history further by going to the ancestry website who are offering a free 14 day trial. You can search global archives of information about births, deaths and marriage's. Once you have your information you could draw out your tree, frame it and have it in your home. Who knows who you could related to?

click here to access the ancestry website

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