Mental Health & Wellbeing


On this page you will find a variety of links to web pages, which we thought might be helpful to you during this difficult time for you and your families.

You may be experiencing lots of different emotions, that seem to change like the wind and feel difficult to cope with.

Hopefully you might find some comfort in some of the websites we’ve included. With the aim to help you make sense of, and accept how you and your loved ones might be feeling at the moment. With ideas on what you can do to help you cope with the on-going situation.

If you’re really struggling you can always contact Ms Richardson and arrange an appointment. You can also contact one of the school counsellors, for an informal chat on the phone or a video counselling session.

Remember if you need someone to talk to immediately then you can call Childline on 0800 1111 or click on one of the support services below:




Kooth Online Mental Wellbeing Community