Professional Development

At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, we offer all of our staff members a variety of personalised and enriching CPD to help them with their teaching practice and career progression.

Early Careers Framework

We are delivering the two-year programme of training for Early Careers Teachers using resources provided by the Ambition Institute, but adapted and delivered by Lead Teachers and experienced mentors. Where possible, Early Careers Teachers have a three-week induction in July, which prepares them for September, and have weekly mentor meetings with their mentors.

National Professional Qualification

We have several members of staff who are undertaking the prestigious DfE-funded National Professional Qualifications (NPQs):

Mr Panesar           NPQ Senior Leadership

Miss Dirie              NPQ for Leading Behaviour & Culture

Mr Chaudhry        NPQ for Senior Leadership

Mrs Jones              NPQ for Leading Teacher Development

Mr Liaqat               NPQ for Senior Leadership

Miss Shan              NPQ for Leading Behaviour & Culture

The NPQs are one example of the CPD opportunities that we offer our staff at LHEA.

CPD Programme

Our CPD programme is constantly flexible and adapting, depending on the needs of our staff and students. We have offered training on data literacy, behaviour & relationships and a range of IT platforms.

We have full access to the Walkthru Resources platform and use these to guide our whole school CPD objectives. This year, we are currently focussing on improving our techniques surrounding Explaining, Modelling, and Questioning & Feedback.

Also as part of our CPD programme, we have SEND training from our SENCo, which includes strategies on how to support students with specific learning needs in lessons and how to deploy LSAs effectively.

Are you an Early Career Teacher?

At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, we are committed to supporting and developing your skills as a teacher. We recognise that an outstanding school requires highly effective practitioners and we will fully support you as you begin your teaching journey. We offer a comprehensive two-year induction programme based on the Early Careers Framework which is the evidence base that underpins the entitlement for Early Career Teachers’ professional development. It sets out what all Early Career Teachers should learn about, and learn how to do, during the first 2 years of their careers.

Working with our chosen provider, The Ambition Institute, we offer high-quality training and structured CPD themes over each half term. In addition, you will receive regular coaching, expert tutorials and short pedagogical summaries to help develop your practice.

You will receive a personalised programme of development and support that aims to welcome you to teaching and build your self-confidence. You will be assigned a professional mentor and have the opportunity to observe highly effective teaching to strengthen your teaching practice.