Class Charts


About ClassCharts

  • Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy uses an online platform called ‘ClassCharts’ which allows students, parents and teachers to keep track of students’ Home Learning
  • ClassCharts allows students and parents to see the details of Home Learning activities that teachers set their students as well as the deadline and submission status of each task
  • Students’ organisation and time-management skills are enhanced through use of ClassCharts
  • Teachers utilise ClassCharts to organise their classrooms more effectively by creating seating plans based on the latest student information

Gaining access to ClassCharts

  • Parents should use this link to login Click on the logo below to take you to the parent login
  • Students gain access to ClassCharts via their own unique access code. Students are provided with their code via an email and a paper copy when they start at LHEA
  • ClassCharts is also available as a mobile app and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


  • Please click on this link to take you to a parents’ guide on how to use ClassCharts
  • If your child has forgotten / lost their code they should contact student services or speak to their tutor
  • If parents have any queries, they can contact the ClassCharts Edukey team on (0)1348 800 100 or via
  • Any school-based questions or issues, as well as feedback on the system, can be raised via