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Who's Who

Staffing List 2018/19

  Mr C Thomas - Head of School
  Mr M Culkeen - Deputy Head
  Ms F Coulter - Assistant Headteacher
  Mr P Bullock - Assistant Headteacher 
  Mr L Arnold - Assistant Headteacher
  Ms T Richardson - Assistant Headteacher & SENDCO
  Mrs M Oakley - Head of Year 7 & English Teacher
  Mr C Rowland - Head of Year 8 & Class Teacher
  Mr F Chaudhry - Head of Year 9 & Maths Teacher
  Ms H Malpas - Key Stage 4 Lead, Head of Year 10 & Class Teacher
  Mr J George - Head of Year 11 & Class Teacher
  Mr K Davies - Behaviour Interventions Manager
  Miss A Bryden - Student Support Assistant
  Mr I Singh - Head of Science
  Dr T Nandhra - Science Teacher
  Mr Z Abbas - Science Teacher
  Miss J Vohra - Science Teacher
  Mrs D Patel - Head of Maths
  Mrs A Rasheed - Maths Teacher
  Mr Alami-Chaouni - Maths Teacher
  Mr F Chaudhry - Maths Teacher
  Ms K Khan - Maths Teacher
  Ms S Scotland - Head of English
  Mrs A Afshari - English Teacher & Assistant Head of Department
  Mrs M Oakley - English Teacher
  Mrs M Maw - English Teacher 
  Mr R Allger - Humanities, PSHE & Citizenship Teacher
  Mrs F Shayanewako - Subject Lead of Food Technology
  Ms M Wellspring - Lead Practitioner of D & T
  Miss N Arsenault - Art Teacher
  Mr J Langley - Religious Studies Teacher
  Mrs V Oculi-Dinal - Music Teacher
  Ms E Tate-Harratt - Head of MFL
  Mr S Houdi - MFL Teacher 
  Ms C Lepeltier - MFL Teacher
  Ms L Jones - Head of PE
  Mr D McLeish - Head of Humanities
  Mr S Mann - Class Teacher


Support Staff

  Mrs K Mackenzie - Operations Manager
  Mrs B Khaira - PA to Head of School/Office Manager
  Miss P Johnson - Learning Mentor
  Ms S Ahmad - Learning Mentor
  Ms L Flegg - Student & Family Support Officer
  Mrs P Tulsani - Science Technician
  Mrs E Smelt - Creative Faculty Technician
  Miss J Sidhu - Cover Supervisor
  Miss M Porter - Teaching Assistant
  Miss A Clements - Teaching Assistant
  Mr G Ehui - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs S Kapoor - Teaching Assistant
  Mr S Rahman - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs S Mohammad - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs R Jaffery - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs R Dhanjal - Administration Team
  Mrs N Pannell - Administration Team
  Mrs C Stenning - Administration Team
  Mr W Pretty - First Aid Lead & Safeguarding Administrator
  Mr L Yamlinga - Premises Manager
  Mr M Matevici - Site Controller
   Mrs N Razzaque - Admin Assistant
   Mrs F Khan - Data Manager & Exams Officer