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Vision Statement

Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy is committed to:

  • Extending the high quality teaching offered by Lynch Hil Enterprise Academy beyond secondary education.
  • Providing a high quality solution to the growing demand for secondary school places in the Slough Borough.
  • Creating a community of students, parents and teachers united by the highest expectations of what every young person can achieve and by the commitment to help all to excel.
  • Providing all students with the qualifications and skills necessary to be successful at university, further education or training.
  • Helping all pupils achieve the greatest all-round development and success of which he or she is capable and to promote his or her academic, personal, social, moral and spiritual development through education and enrichment.

As such:

  • LHEA has policies and practices that drive high standards, reward hard work and ensure all students make good progress. The ethos of the LHEA is one of high expectations, and curriculum pathways that meet the individual pupil’s abilities and aptitudes.
  • LHEA strives to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. Teacher expertise, recruitment and professional development is a high priority.

Our principle aims:

  • We are committed to nurturing students to their full potential.
  • We will ensure good progress for all students, regardless of ability, and that all students will leave school with good levels of literacy and numeracy.
  • We are fully inclusive and provide academic, personal and social development for all.
  • We are committed to developing students’ understanding and expectations of the world of work. We aim to deliver the work-based skills needed for Slough’s next generation workforce.

Our state-of-the-art new building, which opened in April 2017 provides an outstanding and stimulating learning environment to help achieve all of the above, with modern technologies, resources and facilities for our students.