Regular homework will be set. Ensure your child has a dedicated quiet work space to help support this, and ask them questions about the work to check their understanding.

Homework is an important part of students’ learning. It helps build on what they have learnt in lessons and develop the habits of independent study. Homework can take many forms, including: completing work or exercises started in lessons, project work and research. Homework may be set using the LHEA virtual learning environment . Ideally students should have a quiet place at home in which to do their homework and have access to a computer.

Students may also do their homework after school in supervised study time. Homework set should always be recorded in the student’s planner. Parents / carers are asked to take an active interest in homework by talking to students about the homework they have received and checking that they are doing it. Parents seeking more information on homework or if you have any concerns, please contact:

  • The member of staff who has set the homework
  • The child's Form Tutor