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Students are being prepared for their GCSE Science throughout the academic year 7 and 8, to enable a smooth transition from KS3 to KS4.

In addition, we have in place cross curriculum links to support the key maths and literacy skills they require in science. We are deeply committed to STEM learning to enable students to grasp key concepts and connections between science, technology, engineering and maths.

The topics we cover are in the appended table:-

Yr 7

Yr 8

Introductions to KS3 Science,


Ecosystem processes,

Separating techniques

Particles and their behaviour,


Health and Lifestyle,


Structure and function of body systems


The Earth

Periodic table

Elements, Atoms and Compounds,


Electricity and Magnetism,

Motion and Pressure


Acids and Alkalis

Metals and Acids

Adaptation and Inheritance



Project work/GCSE prep

Students are closely monitored, to enable intervention dependent upon needs and ability.

We do ‘set’ students in classes according to their needs and abilities to enable them to maximise their potential.

For the current year 8’s we will be commencing Edexcel triple science in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Edexcel Combined Science GCSE for the academic year 2019/20. 


We offer a rigorous and supportive student programme targeting the needs of individual students. We continue to reinforce cross-curricular links to support all students for example in maths reinforcing the use of standard form.

Our students are at this stage micro managed with respect to their key skill sets, to assess appropriate interventions for all learner types, whether to support students or extend their learning. This could include additional internal classes beyond those timetabled dependent upon needs and ability. We presently run 3 AQA triple science and a Combined Science GCSE. The syllabus is on the following links:-





We now have in place subject specialists to deliver high quality science for all student needs to prepare them for the work place and or vocational and higher education.

From the early years and through to GCSE it is key for us as teachers, parents/carers and students to work in partnership and your feedback is most welcome. For any further enquiries, please contact Head of the Science Faculty I.Singh on i.singh@lhea.org.uk