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Religious Studies

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Year 7

Our students study a wide variety of religions and topics throughout Key Stage 3. Our Year 7s start the school year by learning about creation stories. Not only does this topic cover the creation stories told by some of the main religions, it also looks at less well known creation stories told by Aboriginals who reside in Australia and the Native Americans. The second topic looks at key religious stories from the main religions, focusing on a story that has great importance in Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism.

After Christmas, our Year 7s spend the term learning about key teachings in Islam. They look at The Five Pillars and why they are important to the everyday life of a Muslim, as well as the life and teachings of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH).


Finally, our Year 7s spend the first half of the final term learning about Judaism and the second half learning about Christianity. They study key stories and teachings in the Torah, Passover and why it is important, the origins of Shabbat and the key features of the Synagogue and how it serves the community. In the second half of the final term, students look at the life of Jesus Christ, The Holy Trinity and what it means to live and act as a Christian.

Year 8

In Year 8 our students start the first term by studying Buddhism. They study topics that cover the early life of The Buddha, the Buddhist community, and key teachings within Buddhism such as karma, samsara and more.

Our Year 8 students then study Sikhism in their second term. They focus on topics such as The Sikh Gurus, The Sikh community, what happens in the Gurdwara and what makes it special, The Five Ks and the Khalsa and more.

In our final term our Year 8s study Hinduism. They study topics such as the many forms of God, key Hindu festivals and their significance, the Hindu way of life and Hindu teachings.


Year 9

In Year 9 our students start the year by studying authority. They look at where authority comes from in key religions, what it means to have authority and what kind of authority God has in many different religions.

The Year 9s then start their ethics module. This looks at current day issues such as cloning, genetic engineering, euthanasia and designer babies and asks the question are these practices acceptable? The module looks at the pros and cons of each issue, as well key religious teachings from major religions on each issue.

The Year 9s then look at animal rights. They analyse whether or not animals should have rights, as well as what rights they should have. They also look at present day issues involving animals such as vegetarianism, animal testing, zoos and even pets!


Year 10 and 11

All of our Key Stage 4 students study the AQA Religious Education ‘short course’. This course focuses on key teachings within both Christianity and Islam. It also focuses on the topic of ‘religion and life’ and ‘religion, peace and conflict’.

A detailed breakdown of the GCSE course can be found here: