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Business Studies

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Business Studies at GCSE (Edexcel)

Business Studies is an option at Key Stage 4. Students opting for this course develop a keen understanding of the world of work and are prepared for further education and ultimately careers in industry.

Business Studies lessons concentrate on putting the theory into practice by encouraging students to explore their own enterprising ideas and to develop as effective and independent students, becoming critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. Problem-solving and decision-making skills relevant to business are focused on in each lesson.

Business Studies lessons explore a range of topics such as how to adopt an enterprising approach to running small businesses, how to gain experience and confidence in entrepreneurship, how to handle financial affairs, how to develop different marketing strategies and an exploration of human resources. A keen interest in current affairs is desirable which will bring knowledge of real life issues to the fore in classroom discussions.

Edexcel Business Studies consists of two externally assessed exam papers each worth 50%.

Paper 1: Investigating small businesses

Paper 2: Building a business.