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Art & Design

At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, we believe that Art inspires Students to be not only creative but inventive and lateral thinkers, encouraging team work as well as lone practice. We aim to provide our students with the skills necessary to develop as unique artists, and we hope to engender a love of art that they will take with them into their adult lives.

Art and Design in Year 7 and 8 provides the foundation skills in the Formal Elements of Line, Tone, Colour, Shape, Texture and Form. There is an emphasis of developing a range of drawing techniques that underpin visual communication. Students develop various skills and knowledge that allow them to produce a final piece at the end of the project that is inspired by their focal topic. By the end of the year, pupils will be able to think innovatively and resourcefully.

The department is well equipped for teaching students across the curriculum with specialist teachers and classrooms to provide extensive artistic opportunities.

The Art & Design department also runs a very successful Art Club on Wednesday’s to encourage young, aspiring artists to indulge in their talents.

Computers are used to allow students to broaden their horizons when it comes to researching artists, art movements, techniques and more. The department is also beginning to make use of the popular social media site, “Instagram” where we share the latest Artworks produced by our very talented students here at LHEA.

Content and Learning Experiences

  • Year 7 –
  • Colour Theory
    • Painting, blending and mixing skills to assist the communication of colour in well-renowned artist’s work pieces.
    • Artist research to prime their creative ideas and final designs
  • Year 8 –
  • Cubism
    • Increases their 3D skills through Cubism
    • Colour Theory is reintroduced to reinforce their learning
  • Year 9 –
  • Culture
    • Mock GCSE project to ready the pupils who choose the Art & Design GCSE for the demands of their new more innovative projects beginning in Year 10.
    • Explore a range of texture and patterns through various cultures to make them aware of their surrounding influences to take forward into the GCSE Year.


Key Stage 4

Art and Design at GCSE level allows students a vast range of techniques on this course including 2D and 3D work.

The Scheme of Learning recommended by AQA is closely followed. All students will keep a portfolio of work, and do a mock exam in June. The portfolio will include gathered information on a chosen topic and interpreted by using appropriate media to present it. Students will also create work in their response to their visit to Art galleries

Over the two years of the Art and Design course at GCSE level, students will keep a portfolio worth 60% and sit a 10hr GCSE exam worth 40% of their total mark.


Art Club 

      • Innovative creative design that is open to all students, year round;
      • Students are allowed to freely express their creative talents and to build on them.
      • Benefit from 1-2-1 tutorials with a specialist teacher
      • Workshops will include Monoprinting; Lino Printing and Painting on Canvas, expressive paintings, etc.