Our Curriculum

“The curriculum...is ambitious and relevant. All pupils study a broad range of subjects.” (Ofsted, March 2023)

At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy we have taken the time to learn about our students. Each year as a new cohort of students has joined us in Year 7, we have gained a more detailed view of a typical Lynch Hill student. As we have grown as a school, so to has our understanding of the needs of our students.

We have spoken to our students and listened to their responses. We have identified typical strengths and gaps in their subject knowledge, in their understanding, in their life experiences and their skills. We have spoken to parents, and we have spoken to employers. At each stage, considering how we as a school can help to meet the expectations of our community.

Our students come from over 20 different primary schools

As a staff, we came together and discussed which important events and activities a student at Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy should experience during their secondary education with us. Which opportunities they should have, which educational visits they should enjoy, which skills they should learn, which character traits they should develop.


We then worked to incorporate as much of this as possible into our school.

We want students joining Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy to know that our curriculum has been designed for them. That it provides them with the opportunities they need to realise their aspirations, to achieve their goals and to succeed.

Our students speak over 40 different languages

At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, we offer a rich and challenging curriculum to prepare all students for the responsibilities and opportunities presented by life and work in Slough, and beyond.

Our 3 year Key Stage 3 ensures that students are taught a range of individual subject disciplines, developing a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding whilst allowing for greater support and intervention to close any gaps that might exist.

Our students belong to over 45 different ethnic groups

In Key Stage 4, we expect our students to make their own aspirational choices from a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications that will equip them for the next stage of their lives.

In addition to the academic curriculum, the school offers a wide range of additional enrichment activities and experiences. These include work experience and work-related learning experiences, leadership courses, extra-curricular clubs, community links, educational visits, guest speakers and personal development pathways.