Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom
Teacher with students in the classroom

SBC Travel Guidance for Schools

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Coronvirus – travel guidance for school communities 

Slough Borough Council understands you may be concerned regarding travelling to and from school when your child returns this week.  

Currently, social distancing rules on public transport services means the amount of people able to access bus and train services is far less than before the pandemic. At the same time, the road network does not have space for more car journeys to school. We want to continue to work with school communities to reduce car journeys and encourage travel by sustainable modes where possible to improve air quality in the area and also improve the health of young people by building active travel into their daily routines. 

While we continue to promote sustainable and active travel modes, such as cycling and walking, we are also working with your child’s school and public transport operators to understand any gaps in public transport services, or any travel issues which we may need to respond to during these unprecedented times. We have developed a range of options which will allow us to respond flexibly to any issues or changes in government guidance but if you have a specific issue you would like to raise in relation to school travel, please email tfs@slough.gov.uk or betterby@slough.gov.uk

We also want to ensure parents and pupils have access to good, up-to-date travel information to make informed travel choices. The central message we are issuing to school communities is to:

Think about the way your children travel, choose active sustainable modes where possible, allow more time for their journeys and plan ahead 

To access school travel advice and safety information on travelling to school in September, including information on public transport services please visit www.slough.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/coronavirus-travel-guidance-for-schools.aspx

You will also be able to generate a Personalised Travel Plan, which will be emailed directly to you that will provide you with a range of travel options to choose from. We have also issued schools with bespoke walking and cycling maps to be shared with all pupils. 

Please check the link regularly for the latest information. 


Misha Byrne

Senior Transport Planner


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