Part of the Learning Alliance Academy Trust
CEO: Mrs G Coffey OBE

01753 691583

School Overview & Organisation

Staffing List 2016/17


 Ms J Everton - Headteacher

 Ms F Coulter - Assistant Head teacher

 Mr C Rowland - PE & Science Teacher & HOY 9

 Mr A Ahmed - Maths Teacher & Acting Head of Computer Science

 Mr P Walker - Head of English

 Mrs L Schroeder - Citizenship and School Timetable

 Mr P Bullock - Assistant Head teacher 

 Ms A Evangelou-Ward - Assistant Head teacher

 Mr S Dean - Head of Maths  


 Mr J Law - Associate Head
 Ms T Richardson - SENDCO
 Mrs H Scott - Head of Science and Learning Coach
 Mr L Arnold - Head of Humanities

 Mr M Reeves - Head of Key Stages 3

 Mr F Chaudhry - Maths Teacher

 Mrs A Afshari - English Teacher

 Ms S Lee - Head of MFL

 Ms G Killick  - PE and Performing Arts

 Ms M Oakley - English & Drama

Support Staff

 Mrs B Khaira - Office Manager
 Miss P Johnson - Teaching Assistant
 Mrs P Chadha - Teaching Assistant

 Mrs K Birk - Data Analyst & Progress Manager

 Miss L Flegg - Student & Family Support Officer

 Mr A Rowland - Teaching Assistant

 Ms K Antoszczyszyn - Teaching Assistant

 Ms Z Ahmed - Teaching Assistant

 Ms S Ahmad - Lunchtime Supervisor

 Miss R Kalyan - Administration Team

 Mrs R Dhanjal - Administration Team

 Mrs N Pannell - Administration Team

 Mr M Matevici - Site Controller

External Support Staff

 Mr R Weeks - Leadership Consultant

Organisation Structure

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