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Religious Studies

In RS, students study some of the key beliefs and teachings of various religions as well as ethical issues.

Year 7

In year 7, Students explore Christianity and three main areas of focus: Truth, Ethics and Expression. Throughout the year students will have opportunities to develop and express their own beliefs and ideas.

Year 8 

In Year 8 students study Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. They deepen their understanding of important beliefs, concepts and issues of truth and authority in religion. Through these major world religions the students will apply their understanding of religious beliefs, teachings and practices to a range of ultimate questions and ethical issues, with a focus on self-awareness, relationships, rights and responsibilities. They are assessed every half term throughout the year leading to a teacher assessed Key Stage 3 level at the end of the year. 

Year 9

In Year 9 pupils continue with the KS3 curriculum, understanding ethics, religion and belief. They are taught for an hour a week in mixed ability tutor groups and are assessed every half term throughout the year.