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Modern Foreign Languages

At LHEA we offer all students the opportunity to learn a modern foreign language. The curriculum develops students’ confidence across the four skill areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking, and has been designed to prepare students for the new GCSE examination structure.

Year 7:

All students in year 7 study French for two lessons a week, with the curriculum covering a wide range of topics including introductions, their town, their family, hobbies and school. Throughout the year they will communicate in the target language, learn to develop their written and spoken French and work collaboratively to achieve their targets.

Year 8:

Students continue their French studies, focusing on topics such as shopping, holidays, food and clothes. They build on the content from year 7, learning a range of different tenses and grammatical elements to improve their communication and accuracy.

Year 9:

Students continue with French to ensure they have a high level of proficiency by the end of Key Stage 3 and ahead of their GCSE studies. They cover a wide range of grammatical elements and topics including leisure time, the world of work, healthy lifestyle and a range of cultural topics. The most able students study intensive French for the first half of the academic year and then focus on German until the summer to allow them the opportunity to study two languages at GCSE from September 2017.