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In Key Stage 3 Geography at LHEA we want to engage students with the world around them. We want them to gain an appreciation of the natural environment and an understanding of how we can create a sustainable world in the future. Pupils will develop skills in data presentation, graphical presentation, creative writing and analysis. The Key Stage 3 curriculum in Geography allows pupils to learn a wide range of interesting topics, including ‘Weather and Climate’ in Year 7 looking at temperature, rainfall and weather forecasting and ‘Ecosystems’ in Year 8, looking at different ecosystems including rainforests.

 What you could do to support your child:

  • Buy an atlas and find places your family are connected to.
  • Go on day visits in the local area and if possible beyond to regional and national locations. Suggested locations:
    • Local areas: Virgina Water in Runnymede, London (the London Docklands, East London regeneration, Notting Hill), RHS Wisley, Kew Gardens.
    • Regional areas: Cuckmere Haven, Brighton, the New Forest, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, the Devil’s Punchbowl
    • National locations: The Lake District National Park, Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Dorset Coastline (Durdle Door, Swanage etc.)